Our Mission

Our Mission: Help Mothers Run Businesses!


Business Mom International strives to help mothers, start local and grow their business successfully in foreign countries — no matter where they are in the world. This ensures saving you time, effort and major headaches on your entrepreneurial journey. We do this by nurturing the feminine yet powerful soul, equipping them to build a solid business foundation – allowing them to actualize their latent potential — and become an inspiring role model for more women in their community.

Our Vision

Our Vision: Female Financial Independency Worldwide!


We envision that all gifted and talented Business Moms, Female Entrepreneurs, including young entrepreneurial ladies worldwide will be standing on their feet and being financially independent while providing for their families. Becoming an inspirational role model for more women in their community today, and for generations to come.

Who We Are

Business Mom International was founded in April 2016, by its Dutch name Ondernemende Mama.

In March 2017, Business Mom International got its first online academy– where moms in the Netherlands learned how to start businesses while taking care of their families. After helping mothers in Holland, founder and CEO Ichel Heerschop-Cecilia, realized the need to reach and empower more women abroad.

She officially changed the old name to Business Mom International, to reflect that vision and launched it on International Women Day (8th Mar 2018) for a symbolic solidarity. Business Mom International started developing a global e-learning platform in 2019 by the name of Business Mom Campus. That was built for women from all parts of the world. This eventually substituted the old online Academy meant only for women of Holland.

The side project of Business Mom Campus became a reality in January 2020 – with trainings, courses, and events put together for a maximum, global women-empowerment.


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Our Focus


Focus – Growing – Inner Strength

Our mind is a powerful tool — learn to unleash its full potential for a maximum entrepreneurial impact.


Empowerment – Connecting – Vision

Develop powerful habits– get out of everything-is-fixed, victim and excuse mentality.


Freedom – Inspiration – Authenticity

Health is wealth – work-life balance, inner harmony and great health are launching pads for long-term financial success; don’t ignore it.


Innovation – Creativity – Leadership

Not just a means of living – but create the world in your image, where you leave a powerful legacy for future generations.

What Our Clients Say

Rosa A.

“Fantastic work my dear Ichel, your inspiration helped me to wake up and start the path to a New level in my life and in my business. Thanks for everything you are now doing helping me to reach my goal. You rock girl!”


“Good content and also inspiring. It was to the point and had an entrepreneurial and pragmatic energy which is perfect for entrepreneurs in crisis time”


“Ichel unleashes the power in us, women! I left the workshop full of energy and thankful that I was able to meet this group of ambitious and potential women”


“She’s is passionate and does her best to help you further. She has also a lot of energy and know what she is talking about!”

Susan M.

“Yes, I had some idea at the beginning but now I know more to make my moves with certainty.”


“It was an energetic and pragmatic session in which Ichel is very good at empowering people, give you clarity and get into the right focus. “

Business Mom International

We help Business Moms to start & develop their own business